Sleeping Giant County of Embu

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Recently my dear friend invited me to join her parents and family for a thanksgiving celebration weekend in their home county of Embu and so I looked up ‘what to do’ tips on the internet as we headed out. My high expectations of ‘discovery’ turned first into disbelief when little turned up initially; then disappointment when I noted the minimal feedback reviews about what’s in the county to see, and eventually to near despair when I found a tip that went something like: “What to do in Embu? Stop for refreshments then speed on to Meru…”

That said, I had a great time, the journey there is a beauty to behold; I got to marvel at the lush, green, endlessness of the rice paddy fields, making a lovely contrast against a backdrop of blue sky seamlessly blended with distance hills. This was only the beginning… and it turned out to be a delightful… Escape! J




Embu County, Land of Opportunities

Am loving this County business… even with all the confusion, fighting for supremacy and struggles to form and build, it is exciting to see each one taking shape as the residents develop their own identity and build their brand. Embu County Government has branded it the ‘Land of Opportunity’. Indeed it is. There’s sooo much potential that is yet untapped, and if their strategic plan is anything to go by, Embu is a sleeping giant waking up to the reality of endless possibilities. I have since learnt that there’s lots to do in Embu County, and I share just a few with you:embu 3

  1. Climb a mountain – Simple. It’s not your traditional route, but then again… it is after all… Facing Mount Kenya!
  2. Enjoy the magnificence of a waterfall – Take your pick, choose one from (a) Nthenge Njeru, (b) Muvavani or (c) Kwa Andu-a-Karuru… or see all three!! (even if you can’t pronounce any, you can certainly enjoy their beauty and splendor.
  3. Join world class athletes for marathon practice – At 4,429 feet above sea level it is at an ideal altitude for long distance, cross country and marathon training, and is one of the locations consistently used by many of Kenya’s world class athletes in preparation for their international championships (don’t try to keep up… but attempt to gain recognition by association).
  4. Go back in time (80 years to be precise) – Apparently, the Izaak Walton Inn has been a favourite mountain retreat for the past 8 decades and is arguably the ‘most exciting’ destination in the county! From its distinctive rustic architecture to its well manicured landscaped environs and great service, you get a chance to enjoy a refreshing break as you marvel at the history of the county and its people. And if you are a history fanatic then you won’t resist an arrangement to visit the Mau Mau Caves too!
  5. Embu National Reserve – Enjoy an assortment of activities including Game Viewing, Boat rides at Kamburu dam, Hippo Point, Territory of Rare birds and even a Walking circuit; there’s accommodation available but if you want to give your family an adventurous treat, there’s camping available too.


If you looking for something different to do this holiday, to explore a new county or simply to appreciate your own… consider the Land of Opportunities, a truly serene, yet exciting… Escape!


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