5 Sep 2013_Kinetic Ongata Rongai_County of Kajiado

5 Sep 2013_Kinetic County

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If you are Kenyan than you know that Kajiado County explosively kinetic! The fastest developing area in the country thanks to its proximity to Nairobi (and yes, feel free to blame this for all the traffic jams heading out of town!), there are two key towns that have blosommed – Ongata Rongai and Kitengela. Just about 20 km from the city centre in two opposite directions, these two areas are bustling with the energy of construction and extensive seeking, selling or buying of land (otherwise known as ‘plots’) by everyone and anyone! It is expansive, much cheaper in lifestyle and livelihood and the best part, wonderful pollution free (okay if you ignore the dust)! And yet, with all the hustle and bustle I discovered five wonderful things you can do IN ONE DAY that are quiet, peaceful, calming and perfect for a brief Getaway break for all the family… Escape!

5 things to do in Ongata Rongai located in Kinetic Kajiado:

  1. Touch the hairy skin of an elephant – The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust Centre is a haven for elephant calves orphaned by poaching brought here from all over the country. They receive extremely specialized treatment here, and literally receive personal care 24 hours a day from highly dedicated staff who become surrogate mothers to the calves. They are eventually moved to Tsavo, where they are carefully reintroduced into wild herds. The centre is open to the public each morning (11am-12pm)rongai 3


  1. Appreciate the Nairobi skyline from afar – Ten minutes away from the elephant sanctuary, enjoy a breathtaking, uninterrupted view of the Nairobi Central Business District from well over 30 km away… (for the business people notice the expansive undeveloped land between you and the skyline, and you can understand the plot hunting exodus every weekend!)


  1. Adventure to Rolph’s place – only 25 minutes from the Nairobi centre (depending on traffic) and just about 2 km ahead of Nairobi CBD view, is a leopard cliff Mansion built like a medieval fortress on the edge of the cliff it overlooks. Access over the gorge is provided by an adventures suspension bridge which reminds one of an Indiana Jones movie. Consider sampling one the world-class trained, professional chef prepared mouth-watering dishes including nyama choma… (yum!) while enjoying the view. Don’t stop too long though, there’s much more to see in the area.

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  1. Calm down or sweat it up at Maasai Lodge – Built 36 years ago, this is a facility that refreshingly astounds as much as it excites! It is situated at the door step of Nairobi National Park (Maasai gate is a stone throw away) and is about 2 km ahead of Rolphs place. Take pleasure in lush greenery and serene environment colored by a wide variety of birds, as well as the calming effect of the quietly flowing seasonal river flowing aside. Or sweat it up by taking a polite hike through the gorge towards the Kitengela Glass Factory nearby. Sumptuous meals are prepared while you drink in the beauty around, and accommodation is also available.rongai 4


  1. Marvel at Glassblowing in action –  Located on the edge of Kenyan wilderness, a 40-minute drive from Nairobi town centre is the Kitengela Hot Glass factory. Travel down onto the plains, across rutted roads and scrubland and a ravine, turn at the Zebra Crossing, and you will be transported into another space and time. People come from all over the world to visit, drawn in by the magical and antique art of glassblowing. Step in to discover art as it’s happening, glassware and tableware and homeware.




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All this is possible within just about 10 hours in a day. At any rate pick one and see for yourself … Escape!J

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