5 Secrets of The Majestic Maasai Mara

Mysterious, alluring, seemingly endless, timeless, delightful, enigmatic, intimidating and yet sooo fascinating!! No, these are not the ‘secrets’, but just a few words that struggle to describe the world renowned Majestic Maasai Mara. It is stage setting for the most dramatic & amazing annual nature-driven survival event – The Great Migration, appropriately declared the 7th […]

Lessons from Climbing a Mountain

They say growth happens when you are out of your comfort zone. So cliché, yet so true and clearly applies across the board, whether in relationships, business, exercise, improving habits, skills, travel, parenting, career, tragedies, triumphs, etc. People tend to prefer what they like, when they like, how they like or who they like because […]

The Exes of Hiking

Hiking… is… Exhilarating! The end. 🙂 No, really? Yup! No matter which direction you decide to head out, it’s an Excursion… or if in a large group, an Expedition… an Exciting adventure of discovery (of the location, of flora, of fauna… even of oneself and ones hike-mates, too!). It’s undoubtedly going to involve ups and […]

Hiking in the County of Kajiado

Have you ever trailed a hiking group, panting to keep up and wondering where your legs are even though they still seem attached, somehow moving you forward??!! That was me, in Feb this year… a good friend convinced me to tag along, ostensibly to beef up the numbers and coz he’d heard I run marathons […]

County of Homabay – Stay for 4-8 nights

County of Homabay – Stay for 4-8 nights depending on which of the 15+ sites of interest you’d like to sample, ranging from: Visiting Ruma National Park Exploring The amazingly beautiful Rusinga Island Discovering Majestic Mfangano Island Sitting by or sailing across or even fishing in the Magnificent Lake Victoria (largest fresh water lake in […]

County of Turkana – 3 night, 3 day

County of Turkana – 3 night, 3 day discovery Safari to the 2nd largest County in Kenya, to explore the Jaded Sea, as well as explore little known Central Island (or Crocodile Island), a dormant volcanic island comprising several craters, three of which are filled by small lakes– one home to flamingoes, the other crocodiles […]

County of Kilifi – 5 nights, 5 Days

County of Kilifi – 5 nights on All-Inclusive booking to the pristine Watamu Beach, with an option to drag yourself away from the beach for two days to: Sail away into the horizon to seek out Dolphins at play in their natural habitat in the deep waters of the warm Indian Ocean; treat yourself to […]

The Transgender Rock County of Kitui

So… the ‘month of Looove’ and all its hype and blah, blah (depending…) is nearly over. Sigh, hope it was nearly as great as you planned it to be. Even if it wasn’t, start now and plan for next year! Meanwhile, it is at such times that some think that the other gender has it […]

Sunset City County of Kisumu

One month is nearly over and soon, it’ll start to get old to say ‘Happy New Year’! Indeed time doesn’t wait for us to catch up. Can you imagine that the flyers and requests floating my way are ‘whatsup for Valentine this year?’… and am thinking… already?? (we’re hardly over the Christmas blues)??!! Depending on […]

Surreptitious Delight Lake Turkana

So the holidays we take months (or years) to prepare for, plan, re-plan, save religiously for (or not), sacrifice, anticipate, excite about, use to inspire or bribe good behaviour in kids or spouse, and aaaall that etc… are over… at least for most… Alas!! And here we are again, in January (or Jan-worry, Njaa-nworry, etc.) […]