County of Kilifi – 5 nights, 5 Days


County of Kilifi – 5 nights on All-Inclusive booking to the pristine Watamu Beach, with an option to drag yourself away from the beach for two days to:

  • Sail away into the horizon to seek out Dolphins at play in their natural habitat in the deep waters of the warm Indian Ocean; treat yourself to a sumptuous seafood meal and possibly visit a conservancy, or traditional village, or both!
  • Set out headed to Malindi Interior, pass by the old town and ensure you stop by the famous Vasco Da Gama Pillar just long enough to do the selfies, before resuming your 80km journey towards the mysterious and amazing Hell’s Kitchen. It appears to be a little known secret yet it has been around for hundreds of years! Set in Marafa, it is can only be described as a rock formation of stalactites and stalagmites curved naturally in a valley of sand and red rock. At Sunset and Sunrise it forms the most amazing, gorgeous and beautiful kaleidoscope of color, splayed across the shadows and sculptured hills down in the Valley. The best time would be to arrive just before Sunset to enjoy the delightful splash of browns, gold and reds as their hue varies in response to the changing color infusion of the sun’s rays! The trip wouldn’t be complete without descending into the valley below, to experience the ‘hot as hell’ temperatures (hence it’s name), while marvelling at the beauty of the natural feature sculpted over thousands of years by heat, water and air.
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