Our Services

1. Free Getaway Advice

Interested in travelling around Kenya and its environs? Depending on your pursuit, we offer you free advisory information on where to go, what to see and what to do. Whether you are familiar or completely new to the country, with 47 Counties to explore, discover, traverse, it can be overwhelming! Get free advice on where to go for a quiet getaway, or an exciting adventure, beachside retreat, Ocean or Lake Escapade, camping, hiking, mountain climbing, or to spend time with Nature, or see Wildlife, enjoy Bird-watching, Cultural & Historical Exploration or sooo much more! Whether alone, or as a family, friends or a group, it’s about leisure, time-out or fun bonding. Get in touch on email, phone or social media and we’ll give you a helping hand…
Client feedback: “Thank you for your patience with us and your attention to detail.”


Norfolk Hotel

Sunset in Rift Valley

2. Getaway Planning Assistance

Imagine putting it all together… hotels, travel mode, routes, tickets, excursions, dates, schedules, location-location-location, special needs or interests, need-to-knows, the list is endless! It can be rather intense and quite involving. The County Explorer works with you (or for you) to find places to stay, excursions, adventures, what-to-dos or see, etc. and puts together a value-for-money package that’s convenient and suitable to the traveller’s needs, whether as an individual or group.

We offer assistance in planning:

  • Wildlife Adventure Safaris
  • In-County or Cross County Circuits
  • Mountain Climbing | Camping | Hiking | Ballooning
  • Adrenaline-rush Adventures
  • Nature Lover Excursions | Bird-watching
  • Beach or Lakeside Getaway
  • Historical Tours | Cultural Exposure


Client feedback: ““Thank you very much County Explorer… for listening to our travel interests and tailoring the trip to our wishes and budget. Working with you was excellent!”