About TCEA


The County Explorer Adventures helps you discover delightful treasures, tucked away in the most surprising places, surrounded by breathtaking scenery, perfect weather and conscientious people. For Getaway planning assistance or free where-to-go-and-what-to-do advice, navigate our website or get in touch today!

Kenya is amazingly friendly, beautiful, exciting and has the largest economy in East Africa today. With 47 Counties and 40 million people whose varied cultures are as diverse as the landscape that straddles the Equator, she boasts of pristine beaches, wide range of wildlife, snow-capped mountains, magnificent escarpments, cavernous valleys, picturesque farmlands, exotic birdlife, desiccated deserts, jaded lakes, tropical forests, mysterious archaeology, and sooo, so much more!



About your Getaway Planner:
Maria has enjoyed an amazing life of adventure and discovery in Kenya and beyond. Having visited 46 out of the 47 counties (all except Marsabit) in the course of work and play, she has a strong conviction that everyone should strive to learn more about Kenya, by getting ‘out there’ to experience the ‘delight of discovery’.

She has also been to at least 43 other countries in Africa, Asia, America and Europe, yet reaffirms that ‘East or West, Home is Best’!

She has unlimited curiosity about Kenya and the world at large, continues to explore new locations whenever she has the opportunity.

Maria runs ‘The County Explorer Adventures’, a local firm that is passionate about helping people explore the numerous tourist attractions and Getaways across the different counties in Kenya and its environs.

Delight in discovery of a truly Magical Kenya, an unforgettable experience!