5 Secrets of The Majestic Maasai Mara

Mysterious, alluring, seemingly endless, timeless, delightful, enigmatic, intimidating and yet sooo fascinating!! No, these are not the ‘secrets’, but just a few words that struggle to describe the world renowned Majestic Maasai Mara. It is stage setting for the most dramatic & amazing annual nature-driven survival event – The Great Migration, appropriately declared the 7th Greatest Wonder of the natural world!

maraOn my first exposure to the Mara, I was barely 17 years old. It was part of a high school trip and I was very excited to experience this absolutely, mesmerizing wildlife environment. I was intrigued by how much sought after this national reserve was (and still is), so much so, that it’s top on the list for many foreigners travelling to the country, and on the bucket list for thousands around the world. And yet, the vast majority of Kenyans, even those living within a few kilometers of its boundaries have never set foot within!

I was in high school, and the trip was part of the itinerary of a German-exchange program where we hosted similar aged German students and later on traveled to their country in return. It was ‘da-bomb’ to say the least. One distinct memory was the look of shock on my mother’s face when our family was assigned a boy to host (ours was a girls-only school), which remained in place until we got home and sleeping arrangements were swiftly changed from the previous setup of sharing (which would have been ideal with another girl), to separate rooms befitting the turn of events (she was having none-o-that!)…. Hehehe… but I digress… 😉

So back at the ranch (the Mara), what I took away by the end of that incredibly remarkable safari has remained with me forever…

  1. Full of transferable Energy: Open skies, fresh air, the quiet… disturbed only by animal calls and bird cries, vast grasslands or bushy terrain, the Mara is sooo widely divergent from our daily humdrum of noisy & polluted lifestyles that it naturally refreshes and rejuvenates us. If you just sit still, listen and observe, without the fear of interruption or distraction, a situation we are rarely able to enjoy… you have no choice but to appreciate how little you need to feel one-with-nature. So refreshing!
  2. It could expose ‘true character’: Due to the natural setting, in many locations there’s no mobile network, no TV and no wifi, and ofcourse with no interruptions… the only distraction being nature, you may just come face to face with who you really are. And depending on how long you remain ‘confined’ within these circumstances, you may also get to know your family members or travel companions differently. While the focus may be on the wildlife sightings or other activities, by interaction, the opportunity to see each other in an atypical (and limiting) circumstance, presents itself. This is more often a good thing than otherwise, because it helps people appreciate each other’s differences, interests and their response to nature, curiosity, fear, fun, etc. Make time with your family, loved ones or friends to tease out their ‘peculiar’ or otherwise not-so-known positive aspects of their wild side.
  3. All the Wildlife is stupefying: When we weren’t too far into the first game drive, some of our visitors screamed ‘stoooop’!! And then started furiously snapping away with their manual cameras (eeer, ahem… pre-digital days). The rest of us locals were frantically scanning the vast savanna trying to see what was so exciting we had to stop, asking ‘What…? Where…? A lion? A cheetah? Whaaaaat???!’ Needless to say, our eyes were glossing over the vast abundance of zebra, gazelle, wildebeest and giraffes grazing right before our eyes, because these we were used to already! It was embarrassingly clear how much more this natural beauty nature was appreciated by the foreigners (who came aaall the way to see this unique wonder of nature unavailable in their world), than by the locals who take it for granted. Sure, the elusive, terrifying allure of the wild cats are much more of an attraction for most, but that could never diminish the natural beauty of the other wildlife. Never.
  4. It’s a worthwhile investment in Quality time: Picking up from No. 2, the most valuable and effective time you can spend with your friends or family, or those significant to you, is totally ‘away’ from the rat-race. Go somewhere far out, different from your usual environment and focus on getting to interact closely for a while, however short. Do this periodically and see how deeply the relationship develops. Virtual is just that, virtual. Face-to-face, speaking and listening to each other is the best way. Emotion cannot be experienced unless you communicate directly (and no, emoji doesn’t even come close, it’s still virtual!).mara2
  5. Nature is Timeless: The wildebeest migration is a natural phenomenon that’s ostensibly been going on since time immemorial, seasonally triggered off as nature demands. The animals must move south in search of pastures during the drier season, and return when there’s plenty after the rains. The greedy predators (crocs, lions, vultures, etc) know this, and patiently await their annual carnivore banquet to indulge in a gobble-feast of note! And the media-enthusiasts have their day too! No matter how many times it’s been filmed or photographed, no two ‘performances’ are ever the same… So, it remains one of the most sought after natural events to behold in the wild. Truly, nature, where preserved, remains timeless!


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